Stimulator Fishing Fly


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The Stimulator is commonly thought of as an attractor, or searching pattern because it can resemble many things while imitating nothing in particular. And the fish go for it. In large sizes and dressed with a salmon-orange body, it can be used to resemble the large black stonefly, also known as the giant salmon fly. In smaller sizes and colors, it is frequently chosen to suggest yellow stoneflies, small yellow sallies, little brown stoneflies, and olive sallies. It can also work as a caddis fly. And if that isn’t enough, you can tie it stoutly and even add rubber legs to fish it as a hopper, cicada or beetle.

FLOAT FRAME: Float mounting adds dramatic shadows and depth to any piece of art, textile, or object. By first mounting the item to a piece of foam board then mounting the board to the mat, float mounting raises your art so that it appears to hover within the frame. It’s an elegant, timeless style.

NEPALESE HANDMADE PAPER – This paper continues to be the favorite for those seeking the most unique “old world” look.  Each sheet differs slightly in weight, color, and squareness ensuring that no two pieces are the same.  We print color, black and white, and toned prints on this paper with outstanding results.  Finished prints on this paper look great in either the shadowbox or acrylic enclosure.

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Float Frame

Black (1 1/8" wide x 3/4" deep), White (1 1/8" wide x 3/4" deep )